Trade Show Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Whether you own a small video production company or a printing franchise , joining trade shows will help you launch your product, network your brand, and increase sales opportunities. However, small business owners skip these events either because they have limited time, an insufficient budget, or little knowledge about participating in business fairs. Rookie trade show exhibitors often make mistakes that waste their energy and destroy their marketing goals. If you are planning to attend an upcoming trade show, avoiding these errors can help you get the most out of your investment.

Welcoming attendees with a barrier

Human interaction is the most crucial element of trade shows. The attendees are curious about your displays, and they want to get a closer look. They might want to touch, smell, or feel the products and read the brochures. Unfortunately, some inexperienced exhibitors are not careful in organizing their displays and often put the table at the immediate entrance. Instead of building a connection, the table serves as a barricade that prevents attendees from entering your booth.

Most of the time, they are interested in your exhibit, but the intimidating table in front holds them back from making sales inquiries. Some attendees can see your display table as a sales counter, and they will walk away with annoyance and frustration. You want to invite them in, but by placing the table on the wrong side, you are putting a physical barrier. Make your booth comfortable and add a welcoming vibe by setting the table against the wall or positioning it in areas that do not block traffic.

Hiring temporary employees


The team that man your booth represents your business and the personality of your brand. Participating in a trade show is beyond greeting attendees and handing out brochures. Winning over your prospects requires one-to-one communication. Sadly, most novice trade show exhibitors hire temporary workers and even interns in their attempt to save on finances.

But these employees have limited knowledge about your offerings, and they will fail to give sufficient answers to essential inquiries. Most of them are not passionate about developing relationships and engaging in personal interactions. While you got some meager savings in hiring temp employees, you are wasting massive sales opportunities. You must always choose the right people who are experts about your brand and possess the right attitude to accommodate attendees.

Making the attendees victims of sales ambush

The Center for Exposition Industry Research says that 59 percent of trade show attendees like to interact with product demonstrations. They want to check the products freely and only approach a nearby staff if they have questions. However, they hate aggressive selling and feel agitated when the booth personnel ambushes them with pushy sales pitches. Provide the attendees with positive brand experience by doing an interactive demonstration and showing engaging mini-infomercials.

Exhibiting your products or services in trade shows can be a rewarding investment. If you want to ensure your success, you must craft a welcoming booth, hire the A+ employees, and do not ambush the attendees with unsolicited sales offers. Don’t forget to celebrate your success!

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