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The U.S. military forces are one of the most dreaded and well-trained forces worldwide. Most youngsters who join the military do so by applying for various positions in various branches. Enlistment is necessary, without which you cannot enter the forces. The enlisted members get training in the said job and do most of the work hands-on. It usually consists of four years of active duty and four hours of inactive duty. It is possible to rejoin the army after the said period has expired.

It is possible to join as an enlisted member and rise to an officer’s rank. If you are interested in joining the team, you have to complete a four-year college degree. Most officers manage operations. You will find doctors and lawyers in the team.


You will find the army defending the land part of the U.S region. Moreover, it is the largest of the military branches. The army handles several kinds of missions, like combat missions. Furthermore, you will find the army handling a significant part of the ground operations.

There are special army forces that you will come across. They are often referred to as Green Berets. It is due to the headgear that they want. Soldiers belong to the army, and there are further sub-divisions in the army. They are called Army Reserve and Army National Guard.

The U.S. army also guards U.S. installations in several places, apart from the U.S. territories. The most elite group is the Army National Guard. Each state in the U.S. has its own guard. The country’s constitution enforces the National Guard’s provision above all else. You will also be reading about the other divisions here.

No matter which division of the military system you join, a virtual target shooting system is essential for training. It is a great learning experience for novices and new entrants, where they train on digital media. Innovations in hit detection technology have been utilized here. Apart from military arms training, it offers immersive entertainment training in parties of the wealthy. You can also undertake this experience for your self-defense training.


Under the U.S. military system, the navy is entrusted with maintaining the trains and maritime forces. It also centers around the waterways and oceans. Its areas and the Coast guard’s areas of operations are restricted. Navy warships also facilitate the runways for the landing of military aircraft. Navy SEALS are a part of the force. SEALS stands for sea, air, and land. Additionally, you can identify all the members as sailors. The Navy Reserve is another component of this branch.

Air Force

air force

The Air Force is an important part of the Defense Department. It is tasked with all aerial military operations and also performs the task of defending U.S. air bases. Moreover, you will find the members being addressed as Airmen. The Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve are the various other sub-divisions. Their primary aim is to manage military aircraft, helicopters, and satellites. They also participate in multiple peacekeeping activities, evacuation missions, and other humanitarian activities.

Coast Guard

The coast guard is another important sub-division of the U.S. military forces. It comes under the Department of Homeland Security. You will find them guarding waterways, seas, and oceans that are demarcated from the navy’s territory. The team is also responsible for enforcing marine environmental laws.

You will often find them being referred to as Coasties. They have a reserve team called Coast Guard Reserve. They are also entrusted with guarding the coast against drug trafficking. You can also find them stopping or managing oil spills from industrial vehicles.

Marine Corps

The marine corps is another important part of the Department of Defense. It provides the country security through various channels like land, sea, and air. Moreover, they also support the other teams as and when necessary. This branch of the U.S. military also guards the U.S. embassies worldwide. The Marine Corps Special Operations Command members are also called Raiders. They are often referred to as Marines as well. The reserve component is called Marine Corps Reserve. They are one of the fiercest fighters on the globe.

A new subdivision has also emerged lately. The Space Force took shape in December 2019. It falls under the Department of Air Force. It organizes space capabilities for the military. Besides these, there are two more Uniformed Services of the U. S.: the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps.

You will find U.S. military bases in over 100 countries. Both U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens can participate in the operations. If you are interested in being a part of this team, apply online.

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