Understand the Stages of the Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnel concept

Online marketing is effective when you customize it according to where a potential customer is along the sales funnel. This is when understanding the different stages of the funnel is vital to your campaigns’ success.

Experts from Miami on online marketing cite the following stages of the sales funnel that enable you to improve your strategies.

Brand Awareness

The first thing that you need to raise is awareness of your brand. If potential customers don’t know who you are and what you do, they won’t even consider your products or services. This is the lead generation stage and is crucial to the success of your business.

Funneling the right people down the sales channel starts with understanding your audience and your strengths. Your awareness campaign must factor your value proposition and target market needs or wants. This allows you to use appropriate language that doesn’t sound like you are hard selling.

Use visual cues such as the colors and logo of your brand and images associated with it to convey the message you want.

Buying Consideration

Now that your audience is aware of your brand and what you can do for them, the next stage of the marketing funnel is a serious consideration. This phase puts you in the top-of-mind position, a valuable place to be in as you are a step away from conversion.

However, just because you are recognizable, it doesn’t mean your audience will make a purchase. The way you convey your value proposition, and the right use of calls-to-action can make or break your campaign.

Be clear about your objectives, do you want them to sign-up for a newsletter, or are you leading them to buy? The answer to this question allows you to move beyond consideration and top-of-mind.

Converted Visitor

The next stage of the marketing funnel is the conversion. This is the phase that many marketers want to reach after all the campaigns they implement. You have to be clear on a few points such as why you are the ideal choice, why now is the best time to purchase, and how simple it is to shop at your store.

Clarify the benefits of choosing your products or services. Set a value proposition that is easy to convey to your target audience. Mention the differentiation points between your company and the competitors because in any industry there are various businesses selling the same thing at almost the same price.

Loyalty and Advocacy

Conversion and brand loyalty concept on notebook

After the conversion phase, the highest level that few businesses reach is loyalty and advocacy. This means your consumers will choose you regardless of what the competition does. Make it easy to search and buy your products on your pages.

Clear any obstacles and simplify the purchasing process. Provide recommendations on the confirmation page or mails you sent to those that signed up. A loyal consumer will even advocate and defend your brand from detractors.

They will recommend your products and services to their friends, acquaintances and co-workers.

Understanding these stages of the marketing funnel allows you to customize your approach depending on where a potential customer is. This enables you to convert at a higher rate and create loyal consumers from casual visitors.

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