Understanding Semi Trucks Before Buying One

Semi Trucks

A semi-truck is a monster on the road. To kids, it is the bigger than life version of their play toy. To adults, it is one vehicle that no other driver wants to be side by side with on the road. But to society as a whole, it is one key in keeping the economy going. It gives service to people in more ways than one. It’s the mover of people’s daily essentials like groceries, online deliveries, and even gas. That’s why if you own one, be proud. If you think of buying one, you should be ready because it’s one business that can be a hobby.

Once you own one, you can’t help but customize it both for function and aesthetics. From finding the most efficient semi-truck fender to getting the best paint job, it’s a need that can eventually become your passion project. Since it’s your lifeblood, it’s only right to turn it into the vehicle you can be proud to show off. It’s the same as saying, “Be proud of your job.”

Because it’s automotive that’s unlike any other; there are matters you should take into consideration before you purchase one. Here are two major reminders that will be helpful to you:

 Semi Trucks

Reminder #1: Daily checkup is necessary for safety reasons.


Since it’s a big vehicle, the responsibility you’ll take is just as huge. One wrong move and you can endanger the other cars on the road—this is why safety is a vital topic in the semi-truck driving industry. Whether you plan to hire a driver, or you plan to work as the driver, your truck will need to have a safety check routine daily.

Since 1997, semi-trucks have been required to have antilock brakes, a rule that reduced the number of jackknife crashes. Today, according to the federal highway investigators, the most hazardous accidents are rollovers—a mishap usually involving a driver traveling on a loose surface and overcorrecting while attempting to steer the wheels back onto the pavement. It’s best to be aware of the usual reasons behind the traffic accidents involving semi-trucks. That way, you can avoid the actions leading to those accidents.

Reminder #2: Like any business, you need to have the skills to run it.

This reminder will not matter that much if your goal is to have it featured in truck shows. If you want to make a profit out of your semi-truck, then you need to know the basics such as interpreting the profit and loss statement, understanding the cost-benefit analysis of customization, analyzing contracts, and filing paperwork.

It wouldn’t hurt to read more about the business aspect of trucking or enrolling in a course for new owners and operators of semi-trucks. Educating yourself will help secure your business’ success. Furthermore, it will keep you away from possible business partners who want to take advantage of your services. If your hands are tied on the steering wheel, you can ask for additional help by availing the services of a trustworthy accountant who can keep tabs on your profit and taxes.

It’s one thing to have your truck performing at its best; it’s another to have a driver who will do the same. It’s necessary to be well-rested before every trip. You can customize your truck into having a mini-cabin for overnight stays. The quality can depend on the amount of luxury you want, but for a functional semi-truck, it’s more important to ask what is needed. Remember, the driver is the one in control of that monster on the road.

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