Useful Excavation Tips for Homeowners

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Excavation services come in handy before you set the foundation for your new home. In addition to setting the ground for laying the foundation of your house, excavation is necessary for electrical and plumbing systems. Many factors go into this process, and here is what you need to know.

When Should You Use Excavation Services?

Some people think that excavation services are necessary only during groundbreaking when you build a new home. However, the process is equally useful when doing a landscaping overhaul, repairing or replacing underground water or sewer line. In these activities, you can use excavators to move a pile of rubble, mud, soil, rocks, and construction materials.

As a homeowner, you don’t have to own an excavator to perform the said activities. You can simply hire from a reliable company for excavator or tipper truck hire in Northland.

Choose a Reliable Contractor

If you’re looking for an excavator for hire, work with a licensed contractor. Excavators are specialised equipment, which requires skilled operators. Licensing differs from one location to another, so check with your local authority before you hire a provider. Once you confirm the requirements according to your location, you can ask your preferred contractor to show proof of a licence. The contractor should also have liability and worker’s compensation cover and a bond to show that the project will be completed to your satisfaction.

Before the Actual Excavation

Before the actual digging, you should notify relevant state agencies. In Australia, you can use the “Dial Before You Dig” toll-free number for referral service. This ensures that you don’t interfere with any existing underground utilities when during excavation. You can do this a few days before the actual work begins.

“Dial Before You Dig” is an accurate point of reference whenever you want to conduct any activity that might affect underground cables and asset networks. As a homeowner, you can be responsible for any damage your project causes to the underground utility lines.

Calling the number on time can save you money and prevent any injury that could cost you even your life. For example, hitting a buried electrical line could cause a memorable shock or cut off power to the entire neighbourhood.

How to Avoid Excavating Scams


Since most excavation work happens underground, you have no idea about the underground plumbing or septic system. You cannot visibly see them. This may call for the services of a video expert to inspect the region. This can put you in a tricky situation as a homeowner because some video experts can use scare tactics to make you pay for unnecessary replacement or repair services.

To avoid this kind of scam, you should view the video in real-time before any edits. Besides, you can ask the expert to film an aspect associated with your house, which you can recognise. If a contractor recommends expensive repair work, you can consult two more experts for comparison.

Final Thoughts

Overall, ensure that your excavation contractor follows all safety precautions from the beginning of the project to completion. A number of things can go wrong in an excavation site, which can endanger the lives of people on site. You want everything to proceed smoothly with no casualties in the end.

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