A Solution to the Housing Shortage: Using Manufactured Homes


The housing shortage has plagued us during this pandemic, and it’s only relatively recently we’ve seen its effects. We are in dire need of homes in the country, and we are struggling to get the homes we need. Thankfully, manufactured homes can help with the shortage. But, before we get into how manufactured homes can help us solve this problem, we have to talk about the housing shortage.


Housing Shortage

First, we must talk about the housing shortage in the US. It’s one of the country’s biggest problems, and it’s also one of the main reasons the country is struggling to recover from the economy.

No one knew when the housing shortage started. Some claim that it began to back during the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Others state that it started back in 1987 when populations in the US have skyrocketed, and there isn’t enough home to go around. Even those claim that it began to during the pandemic when it’s pretty evident that the pandemic only exacerbated the current shortage. But there’s one clear thing. There aren’t enough homes for Americans.

The numbers don’t lie: our fellow citizens lack around five million homes. This should be a wake-up call more than anything. However, there isn’t any solution for this, aside from purchasing more manufactured homes.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are the kind of homes you can purchase all in one go. We’re talking about buying a home straight out of the factory. No building is required or waiting. Instead, manufactured homes are built and delivered to your doorstep.

They’re great because they also fit with the current generation’s lifestyle. Manufactured homes can easily be moved from state to state, and considering that the current generation moves more than any previous generation, this kind of home fits their lives. Moreover, manufactured homes are far cheaper than conventional homes nowadays.

Manufactured homes cost as little as $45,000. That’s about $275,000 cheaper than traditional homes. Some cost about $100,000 for those who want more space inside their homes.

These kinds of homes are also made in bulk, so there is a steady supply for them. This can aid the current housing shortage if only people are willing to purchase them.

The Decline

Manufactured homes used to be the home of choice by many Americans a couple of years ago. But sales are slowly in decline. The number of manufactured homes in the US is expected to reach a meager 1.7 million by next year. This means there is room to grow in this sector if people are only willing to purchase these homes.

One of the main reasons for the decline in manufactured homes is the laws covering them. First and foremost, there are new zoning restrictions for such homes. Slowly but surely, areas where people can live with manufactured homes are slowly declining. The government is making aggressive moves in removing these kinds of homes in the country. Those that live in them have nowhere else to go since they usually don’t own the land under their homes.

People that live in manufactured homes are forced to relocate, and as more restrictions take place, the more often they have to move. Other initiatives are also causing problems, such as the ‘Not In My Backyard’ movement are, stopping the creation of more trailer parks.

Another reason why there is a growing decline in manufactured homes is more people want to have customizable homes. Building an in-ground swimming pool alongside many other home attachments isn’t possible for these kinds of homes. Other simple things such as gutter installation are also impossible. This makes it hard for certain people to get their desired homes. Another reason is the stigma.

Trailer parks have been related to crime, thefts, and litter in many neighborhoods, and no one wants that in the place they are living. This is why many parks are left in secluded areas, which can be pretty problematic for the security of these parks. In addition, some are forced to live illegally in specific plots of land, leading to more problems for the government.

There is a growing need for customizable homes, which we can say are ours. But because of certain restrictions and laws, it seems impossible to achieve it with manufactured homes. In addition, the ongoing stigma against such homes can also be problematic and should be addressed by the government.

A Fight for the Future

The future of housing is looking dire. The ongoing pandemic increases people’s desire to get home, making homes a lot more expensive. Quarantine restrictions make it hard for contractors and real estate developers to make homes. Construction materials are hard to come by, and they are growing ever more expensive.

However, suppose the government is willing to ease restrictions on manufactured homes and maybe break the stigma regarding the people who live in them. In that case, we have a temporary solution to the housing shortage. People who can’t afford to purchase a home right now can buy a manufactured home temporarily until prices have lowered and when there’s more supply in the market.

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