Video Production: The Future of Content Marketing

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Content marketing has emerged as the best form of marketing, which is why 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers use it. However, video is emerging as the preferred method of content marketing over blogs and social media posts. Thanks to YouTube, the video has revolutionized content marketing by stretching the possibilities and boundaries of audiovisual content. With 4 billion views daily, it offers more opportunities to marketers than ever.

But how exactly is video the future of marketing?

Cross Channel Marketing

The greatest benefit of video is its ability to capture customers at different stages of their journey. Brands can not only run their videos on YouTube; they can also share the same content on social media and other websites. Even more important is that they can now run the same adverts on connected TVs. As some CTV service professionals will tell you, this is the future.

You can also use video in email for unprecedented bang in your advertising budget. Research has found that clients are 13% more likely to open an email if it mentions video in the subject line, and 50% are more likely to read an email if it has a link to a video. By and large, video is versatile and has higher ROI.

Consumers Share More Video Content

If you want your content to go viral, you have to create shareable content. Video happens to be more shareable than any other content form, with people sharing it 1200 times more. In addition, customers prefer watching a video over reading blogs, and thus, it becomes easier to engage with video content.

With these statistics, it only makes sense that businesses should invest in video content if they want to attract a larger audience.


Technological advancements have increased flexibility and people are no longer stuck to desktops or laptops. Mobile devices have become the preferred media by most people, and some have more than one device. Given that people are working on different gadgets, it creates a challenge for marketers to create content that works well on any screen. Video happens to be that content, as it is very versatile and can be consumed on any device.

Video Promotes Brand Recall


80% of customers report that it is easier to remember a video over text. Videos focus on visual power; therefore, the target audience can recall the context and idea behind it. If people can recall the details of the video, they will remember the brand associated with it.

Video Improves SEO Performance

People react very well to video, and these reactions improve website click-through rate. Videos also attract new customers, leading them to your home page. Moreover, video increases the time your customers spend on your website, making Google recognize your site as being valuable. As a result, your website will be ranked higher.

Marketers should be more innovative, given that 82% of online ads are ignored. As digital marketing experts would likely tell you, a video has emerged as the best alternative and is sure to help businesses grow.

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