When Life Happens: Events that Can Endanger Your Marriage

Events that Can Endanger Your Marriage

Have you experienced a “pivotal event” or something that changed your life so drastically that you were compelled to make a serious decision? In the case of couples, that decision is almost always divorce. If you’re going through the following things, you should watch out:

You become seriously ill.

The promise of loving and caring for each other “in sickness and in health” often gets compromised, especially when the former happens. Illness creates a big dent on the marriage. For one, it makes the relationship unbalanced. The one who’s sick struggles with fulfilling their responsibilities, while the other has to step up, taking on the role of a caregiver and running the household.
A study showed that 30% of marriages end when one spouse gets sick. The researchers claim that divorce is more likely when it’s the wife who becomes ill. They believe that role reversal is a possible reason. Some husbands aren’t prepared to be caregivers. If you decide to walk away from your sick partner, note that you’re not totally off the hook. Any divorce attorney in Colorado Springs knows that the judge will consider the illness in the amount of the spousal support.

You lose your job.

According to research, men who get unemployed are more likely to leave their partners. In the same manner, they’re more likely to be divorced by their spouses. Losing a job has a bad impact on finances. And when the wallet runs dry, it can make fights nastier and more frequent. Unsurprisingly, funds will also be a highly disputed matter during the divorce process.
In issues of who gets what, the family home usually becomes the object of much tension and contention because of its monetary value. The amount of spousal and child support is debated as well. You might have to deal with a spouse lying about their financial status.
Before everything goes awry in your relationship because of the loss of a job or any financial strain, address the issue immediately. Sit down and talk about it. Be transparent and vulnerable. Finally, help each other achieve a stable financial status.

You have another kid.

There are many reasons why adding another member to your family can put a strain on your relationship. One, it carries financial risks. The birth of the child alone results in high hospital bills. Considering the costs after that, from food to clothes to education, you have a significant financial burden if you’re not prepared.
Another reason is that couples aren’t on the same page when it comes to parenting. This can trigger resentment when you don’t talk about why you prefer a certain discipline or lifestyle. This can also affect co-parenting later on when you decide to pursue a divorce. Before you add another kid to your bunch, prepare financially. Once and for all, agree on your parenting style.
Overall, pivotal events can put your marriage on the rocks. But on the flip side, these things can also make your relationship stronger, especially when you overcome them hand in hand. Hopefully, you’ll choose to do so.

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