Winter Technologies That Should Be On Your Holiday Wishlist


Winter is almost at your doorstep, and the cold’s about to settle in. But worry not because 21st-century technology offers a whole new level of innovation. So, freeze your web surfing, check out these six top-of-the-line devices, and put them all on your holiday checklist. Because whether you’re naughty or nice, you deserve a warm holiday.

Home Heating

Heating your home during the winter is important for your comfort and your health and safety. The common colds are not the only risk you’ll be facing without proper heating systems at home. Asthma and other respiratory conditions can be worsened due to the drop in temperature. Your common colds could lead to pneumonia. Your circulatory health might also be affected since a drop in temperature is known to affect diabetes and arthritis. There will also be an impact on your blood pressure.

That’s why there are devices like these three to ensure that you stay healthy during the long winters.

Comfort Heating

Comfort air heaters are now designed to use radiant heat energy. These machines will transfer the said energy directly to surfaces and objects inside your home, and more importantly, the people living there.

These heavy-duty machines are built for building-wide areas, so it helps in centralizing the heat inside your home and guaranteeing uniform heat levels throughout your entire space. For as low as $372, you can already avail these industrial-level heaters that will last decades with proper care.

Smart Fireplace

Smart fireplaces are electric heaters that combine safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Since it’s an electric heater, the dangers of house fires are lessened if not eradicated.

There are also customizable settings so you can adjust the temperature according to your current preferences easily. And when we say easily adjust, we mean with just one tap on your mobile phone.

You can adjust the brightness of the flames and even how the flames sway, and the embers burn. Imagine watching an actual fireplace and feeling the real heat without chop woods each morning. The price may vary between $250 and $1,000, depending on the model you want.

Floor Heater

floor heater

This device is designed to be placed in cold bathroom floors, bedrooms, basements, or even your office cubicle. Any room that’s most likely lacking central heating. You can place it beneath a carpet or a rug. And for 6 hours, it will continuously warm the surface up.

Unlike common heat generators that make noise and emit carbon dioxide fumes, it won’t distract you from your tasks. Floor heaters are essentially more efficient alternatives, especially for your home office. One that’s about the size of a small bathroom rug (92″ x 76.5″) is retailed at $118.

Layered Warmth

Bundling up with layers of sweaters and hoodies is a given. Unless your skin is made of wool, wearing clothes on top of another is crucial in keeping yourself comfortable once the winter comes. But more than just your jackets and pants, there are other clothing accessories that you can use to elevate your comfort and keep yourself warm.

Bluetooth Beanie

Keeping your head warm is a must. But with Bluetooth beanies, you can do it in style. You can jam with your favorite tunes while keeping your head warm at the same time. Bluetooth beanies usually boast noise-canceling abilities and a built-in microphone for calls.

For only $16, you can already choose from a selection of trendy designs that can make your already cool wireless Bluetooth beanie even cooler.

Heated Scarves

But why stop with the head when you can also warm your neck up? Fleece scarves that are powered by a small battery pack can keep your neck, nape, and shoulders extra warm. Imagine having a portable heater stitched into an ultrasoft microfleece fabric.

There are three power levels that you can set depending on your desired heat output. The battery lasts for 8 hours before needing to be recharged. And with a patented Zero Layer Heat System, it’s easy to give warmth to any body part in need. And with less than $100, you can also use its battery pack as a power bank for your mobile phone.

Touch Screen Gloves

You use your hands almost 24 hours a day. And nearly half of the time, you use them to swipe left and right on your mobile phone. That’s a problem during the winter since most wool mittens and gloves aren’t compatible with your phone’s screen. But all of that is solved by touch screen gloves. With e-tip gloves, you won’t have to remove your gloves and expose your hands to the cold breeze of winter every time you have to use your phone.

Some of these gloves are made of four-way-stretch fleece fabric, ensuring extra warmth and softness to the skin. They also have silicone gripper palm patterns and radiometric articulation designs, giving superior grip and natural, relaxed hand positioning. And without having to spend more than $50, you can already get your hands on a stylish pair like the one that North Face offers.

The bottom line

Don’t just settle with the eggnog keeping you warm this holiday. These six devices can ensure a more comfortable, safer, and healthier winter for you and your family.

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