January 8, 2019


Get Out: Reasons for Exiting a Timeshare Contract

Many people who own a timeshare did not actually plan on buying a piece of vacation property. In fact, it did not even cross their minds, not until they were lured to the fact that they might need or deserve a timeshare property. Most of them were just lured into the high-pressure sales tactics and pitches

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A Zero Waste Education

A Zero Waste Education: What to Teach to Beginners

Trash is a part of our daily lives. The wrapper from the candy you just ate is trash. Your phone bill statement from last month is trash. Even the black plastic bag you use to throw out your rubbish is trash as well. We, human beings, produce trash several times a day, more than we

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Sustainable Business 101

A Green Venture: Sustainable Business 101

Today, it’s not enough for businesses to meet and exceed the numbers. To truly achieve success, companies must strive to promote positive change within and leave a lasting impact on the communities they move in. This is exactly what “sustainable development” is all about and, nowadays, more and more businesses are making it a primary

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