Get Out: Reasons for Exiting a Timeshare Contract


Many people who own a timeshare did not actually plan on buying a piece of vacation property. In fact, it did not even cross their minds, not until they were lured to the fact that they might need or deserve a timeshare property.

Most of them were just lured into the high-pressure sales tactics and pitches of either their peers or brokers they have encountered by chance. This is because apart from having excellent salespeople, timeshare companies also offer attractive incentives if you attend their sales presentations and sign the contract. These include a free dinner at a popular restaurant or a two days, one night stay at a luxurious resort if potential clients attend.

Your Timeshare Exit Strategy

It is always easy to fall into the trap of buying, but it is a lot harder to get out. When you finally decide to exit, timeshare contract cancellations may involve a huge amount of money, paperwork, and legal disputes. This is why there is no doubt that the best way to avoid all timeshare associated problems is to make sure that you do not buy one in the first place.

This can be a problem, however, if you have already taken the plunge. What should you do then? Find legal advice and get out of that timeshare.

Why You Should Get Out of That Timeshare

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Timeshares, of course, are attractive at first. The idea of having a designated vacation place once (or more than) a year is always appealing, but then it comes with a list of problems that can turn a seemingly attractive deal into some sort of toxic relationship.

Here are some of the common reasons for getting out of a timeshare:

  • Affordability issues. Getting a timeshare means paying for continued service and maintenance fees whether or not you use the property. The sad part is the fees are also likely to increase every year, which is one-sidedly imposed by the developer or manager.
  • Nothing new. While timeshare can offer you a designated vacation spot every year, it can suddenly become boring. This is because it is the same old tourist location with nothing new to look forward to. You may also feel the need to visit the property to get the worth of what you are paying for.
  • Felt deceived into buying. If you feel this way, it is likely for your vacation time to be stressful and dragging. This is especially true if your mind is telling that you made a bad decision or if the timeshare company fails to deliver what they have promised in the presentation

If you want to get rid of your timeshare, you should know that you have limited options. It is also not easy to get out, but it is possible. If you are getting rid of it after the cancellation period has passed, it is best to work with a timeshare cancellation expert or attorney. The process can overwhelming, but it is much better than continuously stressing yourself out in paying something that is not really worth your time, effort, and money.

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