February 27, 2019

Couple talking to an agent at a funeral home

Tips for Working with a Funeral Home

Planning your funeral or a loved one is often a difficult task. You have to organise details such as whether to purchase an urn or casket, whether to choose cremation or burial, and pick a place to hold the funeral service. The whole process may seem overwhelming, and not everyone knows where to begin. Fortunately,

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Male lawyer reviewing a case

All About Winning: David Rozenholc’s Way

It’s common for lawyers to apply every trick in the book when trying a case to secure a win for their clients. David Rozenholc, the king of tenant law, is known to employ every trick in the book, stretching the hearings out for years. Not surprisingly, he has the wealth to back his talk, winning

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Some Less Common Grounds to File for Divorce

When is divorce necessary? You have your usual cases: adultery, crime, possession/conviction of illegal drugs; any reason the marriage can no longer be a good arrangement for either party. However, as with most legal cases in the country, divorce can be very flexible or varied, depending on where you live. For example, a divorce attorney in Littleton,

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