Some Less Common Grounds to File for Divorce


When is divorce necessary?

You have your usual cases: adultery, crime, possession/conviction of illegal drugs; any reason the marriage can no longer be a good arrangement for either party. However, as with most legal cases in the country, divorce can be very flexible or varied, depending on where you live.

For example, a divorce attorney in Littleton, Colorado can identify different grounds to file for divorce than one in Tennessee.

This difference can be very useful to know if you ever find yourself needing legal advice on what to do with your marriage if it’s in trouble. Having a strong legal case is essential to building up your credibility to want a divorce, especially if you’re in an abusive or coerced marriage.

Here are some less obvious reasons a divorce can be filed:

Religious reasons

It’s often the separation of religious and legal rules that can make most divorces unavoidable, depending on where you are and the community that lives in it, but it is somewhat possible to file for a divorce based on your religious beliefs. There are many cases where culture and the involvement of religion have been used as grounds for divorce. However, keep in mind that these rules often vary from state to state.

It can also vary in religion. For example, it is very difficult for those who are in a Catholic marriage to file for divorce in the traditional sense. There’s plenty of reasons most of these marriages end in annulment due to moral, cultural, and societal reasons.

Intimacy issues


Intimacy has been a tricky but steadily progressing part of divorce proceedings. Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, the majority of these often weren’t used as grounds until the movement towards more secular courtrooms at the dawn of the 21st century. Fortunately, there exist precedents and rulings in favor of this.

In particular, impotence is one thing that can be used as grounds for divorce. The requirements for this are a little more specific than most of the other grounds. For example, impotence must’ve been present throughout the entire marriage, but in terms of fulfilling their partner’s needs, it can be taken as a springboard to file for a legal separation.

Financial backing

Don’t take this to mean that one spouse needs to pay for the other one all the time. Filing for divorce on the grounds of financial backing simply means that the communal expectation for both partners to support each other hasn’t been met. Marriage is understood as a union of equals willing to share the load and if one party refuses to do so, it can be grounds for separation.

Of course, if there are other factors aside from the ones already mentioned above, you should absolutely consider filing for a divorce if you think it’s the best solution. A marriage is supposed to be forward oriented. It certainly isn’t easy; there are times when you feel like you want to quit, but it should encourage you to grow with the other person. When everything fails and divorce is the last viable option, it’s ideal to work with a lawyer.

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