July 29, 2019

Businessman using laptop computer sitting working office

Sitemap Options for Business Websites

Almost all businesses now have a seemingly watertight digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, very few are getting the touted benefits of online marketing. This is primarily because they choose to invest in social media marketing and forget the place where all the traffic they have harnessed from these avenues converge; their website. Though search engine optimization

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Personal injury claim form

Top Five Misconceptions Concerning Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury happens more often than you can imagine. For instance, a report by the U.S. Department of Transportation indicates that over 65 drivers get hurt in car accidents every two to three hours. Also, several employees get injured at work due to fall and slip accidents or faulty machines at work. Similarly, several people

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Search engine and search query concept with tablet and magnifying glass icon

How Can You Understand Search Intent?

Competition is getting stiffer and stiffer in online marketing as more and more businesses are using the Internet to reach their customers. One game-changer that you should know about is search intent. Identifying and understanding the purpose or intent of a potential customer allows you to make a pitch at a level where they are

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