December 29, 2021

home schooling

K-12 Students: Effects of the COVID-19 on Schooling

In a December 15 report, U.S. News cited a new portal of the U.S. Department of Education, the School Pulse Panel. It posts information collated by the Institute of Education Sciences’ research arm, the National Center for Educational Statistics, on the impact of COVID-19 on U.S. K-12 schools. The portal shows that almost all public

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man with his tablet operating his business

Becoming An Entrepreneur Offers More Than Just Financial Freedom

The business landscape isn’t for everybody; it’s a cutthroat world where the free hand of the markets pays no heed to pity, circumstance, or even financial stability, only ever answering to the underlying economics that impacts overall supply and demand. As a result, only a select few people are cut out to be an entrepreneur,

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web 3.0 in 2022

What 2022 Looks Like in Web3.0

The evolution of the web across the phasing of updates and currency is maturing and spreading progressively. Starting from the Jurrasic Period of the early length of Web 1.0 was a “read-only web” as defined by the late Berners-Lee. An introduction to accessible information for every end of the world led to open doors of eCommerce

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