What 2022 Looks Like in Web3.0

web 3.0 in 2022

The evolution of the web across the phasing of updates and currency is maturing and spreading progressively. Starting from the Jurrasic Period of the early length of Web 1.0 was a “read-only web” as defined by the late Berners-Lee. An introduction to accessible information for every end of the world led to open doors of eCommerce sites, potential projects and programs online, and convenience for most parts of consumers.

Web1 would remind us of the earliest taste of shopping cart applications, marketing websites, and many more.

Further on Web 2.0, as a “read-write” this time dynamically changes the idea of presenting information and products to everyone. Feedbacks, comments, and suggestions are given attention to in a delightful period. Innovative progress makes headway to demands and interactions that potential customers are providing. It is more like web users giving an input that industries are craving to know of and then develop.

Then, of course, if you think it is not happening yet, THINK AGAIN.

Web 3.0 is paving the way to the “read-write-execute” flow of the Internet. To give you some kind of proof, web services are presenting the 4.0 industrialization where advancements of technology and information are depicting less from the human workforce which means not just labor is reduced but also knowledge and skills input from actual humans is.

Having traces of that used-to-be needed input are now maximized and facilitated to automated services like robot-responded communication and interaction — this of course, in layman’s terms, is what we call “semantic markup”.

This third generation of the web provides machine learning and big data that aids services possible for direct computer-computer transactions; AI (artificial intelligence) it is, yes.

What is Web3 and its Effect on the Advancements of the Internet?

One of the abstract pieces of evidence of Web3 is the blockchain.

A simple way of comprehending blockchain is through the idea of “storing information in a decentralized record of transactions” — in a digital manner, of course.

As a distributed database for web users, blockchain become a possible way to embrace cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin. The data served independently provides security without any established company, organization, or group as a third-party needed to make it happen.

Metaverse We Should Keep Looking Forward in 22’

Sure thing Bitcoin and Ethereum are loud for the early period of Web 3.0.

The roll of the top Metaverse Coins by Market capitalization as of December 1, 2021, (with $35.9 Billion showing a -4.0% change in the last 24 hours) are as follows:

  1. Monavale MONA (Price: $1,869.00) – Developer: DIGITALAX/staking
  2. Illuvium (Price: $1,851.80) – Developer: IlluviumGame/
  3. Decentraland (Price: $4.65) – Developer: decentralgames/
  4. Axie Infinity (Price: $136.81) – Developer: skymavis.com/
  5. Vulcan Forged (Price: $42.99) – Developer: vulcanDEX/
  6. RMRK (Price: $35.83) – Developer: rmrk-team/rmrk-spec
  7. Highstreet HIGH (Price: $28.71) – Developer: TravisBuilds/HighStreet
  8. Somnium Space CUBEs CUBE (Price: $20.54) – Developer: somniumspace.com/
  9. Aurory AURY (Price: $19.66) – Developer: aurory.io/
  10. My Neighbor Alice ALICE (Price: $19.28) – Developer: antlerinteractive/

Moreover, this system of the user and machine seamless interconnectivity showcases convenience, progress, and innovation.

Rapid changes and upgrades speed up the onward movement to advancement. Is it a good thing? Definitely, yes. Does it make any potential worse dilemma on society? Yes.

As mentioned, maximizing artificial intelligence and semantic web services reduces the human workforce. Of course, it does harm job opportunities as industrialization embraces metamorphoses of industries affecting emphasis on economic growth. Sure, it lifts advancements but imagines having smart contracts, automated communication and literacy services, intelligent creations, and more. Are we still in control?

Have you ever wondered why social media usage is free? Have you ever wondered why the moment you searched for home construction materials such as glass panels, natural stone bricks, or even ceramic tiles, you would start to get similar ads and content? That is because the internet uses cookies that tailor advertisements based on your search activities.

If so, consider the ballooning competition in the digital market. More so, Web 3.0 engages web users to be part of a whole new world of the Internet where we can all be using a fresh face of social media and search engines wherein we have the freedom away from the tech giants tracking our data (say Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Google).

Take this, advocates of this progress offers not just freedom but ownership. Being a part of this new transition would not just give you the prerogative but will also make you an actual shareholder of these sites. The involvement of web users will be maximized for centralized funding. Every time a web user participates, the company gives back the favor by acknowledging the input and letting the web user earn some real cash out of it.

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