January 11, 2022

man in blue checkered shirt feeding cows in a modern barn

Starting a Successful Animal Rescue

To start a successful animal rescue, one must be dedicated and hard-working. There are many approaches to starting a rescue, though. Some rescues have a specific focus, while others take whatever animals they can get. Whatever your style, passion, and experience will be the most critical parts of your new venture. Here are a few

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caretaker helping a grandmother with her wheelchair

Knowing the Primary Needs of the Elderly

Seniors are not getting what they really need for their well-being and some of them are asking for help about their living conditions. They are getting old, of course, and they need special care to stay healthy, happy, and safe. This is the reason why it is important that seniors receive food, water, shelter, clothing,

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child holding her teddy bear while her parents are arguing in front of the lawyer

What Parents Need to Teach Their Children About Divorce

When breaking the news to your children, both parents need to talk to their children in a calm and relaxed way. This helps to make them more aware of what may happen in the future and allows them to begin to prepare emotionally for it while still at home with their family unit intact. Children

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types of electric car

EV, HEV, or PHEV: A Guide to Electric Vehicles

United States President Joseph Biden signed an executive order on December 8 directing the federal government to have all acquisitions of light-duty vehicles be zero-emission by 2027 and to acquire only zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) by 2035. The Department of the Interior (DOI) began the transition in 2021, changing over to 100 percent ZEV for the

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