5 Signs Your Website Needs an Overhaul

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Digital marketing is a crucial part of every venture. Besides, most people these days search online before making purchases. As such, businesses should not risk having an outdated website or one that doesn’t serve the intended purpose. Your venture’s website may have been state-of-the-art when you designed it as you were starting your business, but web technology changes over time. As such, it is paramount to upgrade your website often.

Business owners ought to look out for essential signs that necessitate them to upgrade their websites. You should upgrade your website when you notice that the mobile users are exiting from your website a few seconds after visiting it. Take note of these red flags as they indicate that you need a website overhaul:

1. Your traffic is not converting into sales

One of the red flags business people should be aware of is when their websites have traffic, but they do not translate into sales. You should first hire a digital marketing agency in Phoenix to check on the usability of the website to find out the exact issue. A website that gets traffic should convert into sales unless something is wrong, which is why you need to consider a website upgrade.

2. Your website is not responsive

Today’s consumers visit websites using their mobile devices more than PCs. Additionally, users switch from mobile gadgets with varying screen sizes, such as tablets and smartphones. As such, it is paramount for your website to be mobile-friendly and adapt to various screen sizes. Therefore, you should consider upgrading your website if it lacks a responsive design.

3. Your bounce rate is high

Bounce rate shows the duration of time that a visitor stays on a website after going through one page. You should check the analytics of your website often so that you are always aware of your bounce rate. High bounce rate reveals that most visitors leave your website without going through your content. That is a sign that you need to hire web design services to upgrade your website and reduce bounce rate.

4. It does not have social media links

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Social media platforms are an excellent way of marketing a business. However, an excellent web marketing strategy should integrate all online content. Therefore, if your website does not make it easy for its users to find your social media, then it is time you considered an overhaul. Websites should offer a link of the social media on the main website.

5. Your website takes a long time to load

No one wants to visit a website that takes forever to load. Studies reveal that close to 40 percent of visitors abandon sites that load within more than three seconds. Besides, slow-loading sites have poor user experience. It is time you hired a web design expert to optimize or upgrade your website if it takes longer than five seconds to load.

You should watch out for one of these indications if the performance of your website has reduced. You should think about a design update. Do not forget to hire reputable web design services to ensure optimum performance of your website.

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