5 Steps to Become a Bail Bondsman

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The justice system has several other professionals besides lawyers and judges. A bail bondsman offers an accused the bail amount to post bail after they have been paid a percentage of the total amount. The portion paid by the accused or family member is the bondsman’s fees, while the bail amount is returned to the bondsman by the court after the accused shows up to trial. The career of a bondsman is fulfilling.

You have the opportunity to earn income from this career as long as the state has licensed you and you have the right skills and appropriate location. As such, you need to learn the process of becoming a bondsman to prepare yourself for the criminal justice system. The method also varies based on the state, but most jurisdictions follow these steps to becoming a bondsman.

Determine eligibility

The career of a bondsman is not an easy one, and it requires an individual to be familiar with finance, criminal law, and contract law. As such, most state licensing boards need bondsmen to have specific requirements so that they can be licensed. You must complete a pre-licensing course, be at least 18 years old, pass the state licensing exam, and have the sponsorship of a surety agency.

Pursue necessary education

man studying States require aspiring bondsmen to meet specific education and training requirements. Most states require a bondsman to have a high school diploma, but it is advisable to go beyond that and attend college. Most bondsmen have an associate’s, master’s, or bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, law, or finance. The education is critical in ensuring optimum performance of bail bonding duties and taking the licensing exam. Additionally, it is wise to complete a pre-licensing course even it is not a requirement by your state.

Pass the state licensing exam

For most states, the licensing exam takes an hour and is made up of 50 or 60 multiple choices. Most states offer the licensing exam through an array of independent test providers. Aspiring bondsmen ought to know the requirements before the exam to avoid being disqualified. Fortunately, most states allow candidates to repeat the exam after failing.

Apply for a state license

Bondsmen require a license to enable them to offer bail bond services. They should give the licensing fee, submit a bond for a state specified amount, submit an application, and submit results from the state licensing exam. Also, bondsmen must complete a certain number of education hours during the time of licensure so that they can renew their license.

Join a bail company

Most bondsmen who have been newly licensed usually join established bail bond agencies so that they learn about the sector and develop a network of financial partners. The established bail bond agencies offer newly licensed bondsmen a platform to practice and become better than before. If they want to start their agencies in the future, bondsmen must incorporate the agency under state law, submit a surety bond, and apply for a firm license.

People can easily start their journey to become bondsmen. With the steps given above, you can comfortably become a professional bondsman. Do not forget to liaise with a reputable bail bond agency that provides its services in your state.

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