Guide to Hiring Commercial Cleaners for Your Office

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A clean, orderly, and organized working environment is something that all employees would look forward to going to every day. In addition to maintaining a professional persona, a company that keeps its offices clean inspires workers to do their share in achieving set goals.

The good news is that you can easily find the best commercial cleaning services Utah and other states have to offer.

Health Benefits

An enclosed environment can be a breeding ground for pathogens and the closed air conditioning system is the perfect way to transmit it. The best way to avoid the spread of these viruses and bacteria is to ensure that each workspace is clean and free from elements that could start an outbreak.

Furthermore, it was found that dirt workplaces could have a negative effect on the cognitive skills of employees, according to a study conducted by a Florida State University researcher.

To ensure a clean environment, hire a reputable commercial cleaning company. Here are the things you should look for:

Services Offered

Different companies need different things. The type of cleaning that a factory requires is different from the needs of a mall or a school. Typically, cleaning a school or office may require dusting, vacuum cleaning, waste collection, and other tasks. If it’s a factory, you may need to give the cleaning crew a notice beforehand. Typical offerings of a cleaning company include hard floor cleaning, window cleaning, outside and interior surfaces, etc.

Credible and Reputable

Ask your employees if they know a reputable and reliable commercial cleaning company. The best advertising is always word of mouth. A recommendation from one of your employees or even family and friends would be helpful, especially if they know the owners personally.

If you’re going the traditional route with your search, choose from three to five options you’ve seen online or the phonebook and ask for references from each one. If possible, speak to their former clients and assess their level of satisfaction.

Flexible with Schedule

Cleaning companies understand that their clients may want to schedule the cleaning after business hours, and so are flexible with this type of schedule. The more flexible a cleaning company is, the more clients they’ll have.


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A cleaning crew should present themselves and their company in a professional manner. They should be wearing a complete uniform with ID when doing their tasks. Cleaning is a profession, and they are proud of what they do and contribute to the company. Even the company’s website or social media account should show professionalism.

Complete Range of Equipment and Supplies

A professional cleaning company would have a complete range of cleaning equipment and supplies. They are familiar with the available cleaning products on the market, as well as the latest technology related to cleaning. Their personnel has received relevant training in the cleaning industry.


If your potential cleaning company has met all the previous criteria, then their cost is a minor consideration. A reputable company will go to your facility and walk with you to understand all your needs and to see if they can meet those needs. They will be upfront with you regarding what they can and cannot do. They will also see if you have special requests. Only after this will a good company give you a fair estimate.

When all is said and done, your professional cleaning company can be your partner in keeping your office clean and your operations smooth. They will nourish your relationship and will strive to give you the professional service you deserve.

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