Identifying Common Lawn Pests and How to Treat Them

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As a homeowner, you will spend some money to make your house look attractive and welcoming to your visitors and neighbors. That is why a lot of homeowners hire professional landscapers and lawn care personnel to tend to their lawn area and backyard. Meanwhile, you can consider running a lawn maintenance franchise business that will cater to your customer’s lawn care needs.

For one thing, maintaining your lawn area may not be as easy as it seems. You need to prune and trim the shrubs and plants so it will look more aesthetically appealing. You also have to mow the grass regularly so your lawn area won’t look like a forest within your neighborhood. Also, you have to deal with the common insects and critters that can cause damage to your lawn area.

Common lawn pests you need to get rid of

A green and lush lawn area can be a captivating sight to your guests and neighbors. Unfortunately, it can also attract various critters and pests, which can be threats to your well-maintained yard. That is why you should be familiar with the common pests that can plague your lawn area.

Chinch bug

This type of insect usually feeds on grass and saps. It produces an anticoagulant that inhibits the grass’s ability to absorb water. In effect, the grass will eventually dry up and die. Chinch bugs are most prevalent from June to September. You will know if it is because of chinch bugs if there is a presence of purplish color on the grass, which then turn yellow, brown, and eventually die.

White grubs

This type of pest is the larvae of scarab beetles. These beetles lay eggs during the summer season, and then dig down to the soil during winter. Come springtime, white grubs go up to the ground to feed on the grassroots. White grubs cause damage to the grassroots, hence hinders its water absorption and growth.


These pests usually feed on grass leaves, and you will have a major problem if they multiply. As a result, your lawn will be very much infested and destroyed in a short amount of time.

How to deal with lawn pests

watering the lawn

If you noticed there are a lot of birds flocking into your lawn area, it is most likely that there are pests there. Instead of shooing these birds away, you can let them stay in your lawn and take care of those annoying critters. On the contrary, they can also destroy your lawn area. That is why you should get rid of these pests and take matters into your own hands.

Regular fertilizing, watering, and mowing can help in controlling the pest epidemic in your lawn area. Applying insecticide will also help a lot in managing the infestation of pests in your lawn. When applying pesticides, make sure to do it around the late afternoon or early in the evening. Better yet, you should call your trusted lawn care company to deal with these pests.

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