How to Mow the Lawn in a Short Time

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Mowing the lawn can be a time-consuming and exhausting activity. It can also be physically exhausting and sometimes injury causing.

Much of the problem stems from the fact that a lot of people don’t know how to mow the lawn in the best way possible. Avoid them once and for all with these tips:

machine in a lawn

1. Invest in Power Tools

To save time, gas, and money, invest in new and modern power tools. These include battery-operated zero-turn mowers. These pieces of equipment don’t use fuel that only contributes to carbon footprint or produce excessive noise that can disturb the neighbors. Most of all, a single charge can already cover over 10 acres of land.

Other tools to consider include battery-operated hedge trimmers and battery-operated weed wackers that can be used to prune around tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. For larger lawns, consider obtaining a cordless or battery-operated line trimmer .

2. Mow the Lawn Correctly

To avoid backaches and other body pains, mow the lawn correctly. The best time to do so is after it has rained so that the grass will grow healthily and quickly. Also ensure that you mow it before the grass seems too long after its last trimming.

If you need to, place markers on your lawn where 2-3 blades of grass or less are visible above the ground. These marks should be around 36 inches apart. Check for these markers every time you pass by your lawn. Mow the grass if it has grown past its marker, or needs to be shorter than before.

Never cut off more than one-third of your lawn’s height when cutting down grass that is too tall. Long grass promotes diseases and makes you exert extra effort in mowing. Also, don’t cut it too frequently, so that healthy grass stalks still stand tall and strong.

3. Stretch Those Muscles

When mowing large lawns, you can experience back and neck pain. Don’t make your problem worse by pushing down on the handle of the machine too hard to create momentum while cutting. Instead, try pulling the machine toward you with your back straight and body weight leaning forward slightly.

Use a swaying motion to mow along the lawn’s edge. Then create a diagonal cut that starts at the right front corner and ends in the left rear corner of your lawn. This way, you can save time and energy by overlapping your cuts.

Look for ways to efficiently maneuver your machine. To avoid wasting time on unnecessary movements, place your feet close to the machine before starting your cut.

If you want to avoid any unnecessary physical harm, invest in protective equipment like helmets and ear protection. These can keep your head safe from flying debris and prevent hearing loss or damage that comes with prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Be careful not to bump into anything when moving around the lawn because accidents happen easily. To save space, store your lawn tools in a dry and high place.

4. Blend In with the Landscaping

In landscaped lawns, use a string trimmer with a flat head attachment to trim around trees and bushes where grass cannot easily reach. This tool can also manage thick brush and flower beds, which a lawn mower may be unable to handle without damaging its blades or engine.

If you want to invest in other useful designs, consider string trimmers with pivoting heads that can be turned sideways or upside down. The best models allow you to switch between several attachments for optimal performance and maximum versatility.

5. Do the Research

Before investing in any piece of equipment, create a list of your lawn’s needs and compare it to your budget. Don’t forget to think about additional features included in the list of basic models. These may be extra batteries, automatic charging systems, safety sensors and retractable cords.

Don’t forget to check out consumer testimony on popular websites like Consumer Digest so you can get valuable advice on customer satisfaction with specific products.

6. Know Your Grass

Each type of grass requires different steps in maintenance for it to grow healthily and beautifully. For example, Bermuda grass will die or become thin if it is not trimmed often, while St. Augustine grass should be cut every 10 days.

When buying a lawn mower, consider the specifics of your chosen landscaping before doing so. Discover what grass it works best with so you can properly maintain your lawn for a beautiful appearance.

Understand the nutrition needs of each kind of grass, as different types have different combinations of nutrients they need to stay healthy and looking good. Some need more nitrogen while others require a combination of potassium and phosphorous.

Mowing the lawn can be a time-consuming and exhausting activity, but it doesn’t have to cause burnout. If you know how to mow the lawn in the best way possible, use the right tools, and are careful not to bump into anything, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy.

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