Pep Talk: The Secret to Motivating These 3 Types of Employees

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Smart leaders know well that a productive employee is a highly-motivated employee. A good ‘pep talk’, which takes many forms, a team-building activity, a salary raise, a trip to an exotic island, is crucial in reaching business goals. What people get wrong though about motivation is, they tend to approach it in the general sense often, rather than individually. It’s problematic since what makes one tick isn’t the same with another. If you want to fire up people towards your goals, you have to do motivation right — fitted to the interests of your employees. That said, here are the most common types of workers in almost every business and the ways you can motivate each of them:

The Visionary

These are the employees who dream big, who want to do the impossible things for your organization. They’re an asset to you because they can easily spot opportunities for growth. Moreover, their passion for reaching greater heights is contagious. They can be your very own mouthpiece for inspiring the others in your team. These types of employees are most motivated when they’re given leadership roles, as well as when they’re challenged. So, when an opportunity comes, ask them to manage a project, say close a deal with a very important client. Or, let them give a talk to one of your learning events in-house. These will easily feed their inclination to influence people with their vision. Plus, they’d feel recognized for their contributions. As they’re able to lead teams and overcome challenges, reward them with corporate incentive trips.

The Inspector

Unlike the visionaries who are bold and always in front of people, the inspectors are usually the quiet ones. They’re always at the background, but very active in making sure that standards are achieved. Whether that’s in quality control over products or customer service, they’d be meticulous in having excellence reflected in the details. Inspector types can easily be dismissed, however. Given that they love to be at the background only, they’re not acknowledged as much as they’re supposed to, demotivating them in the process. It’s not that inspector types need public recognition. You just have to let them know that you see them and appreciate their efforts. Speak privately to them and praise their hard work. Send them thank you notes. Give them travel incentives so that they can enjoy alone time.

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The Ally

In every workplace, there’s that employee who just brings light into the room. They’re a friend to everyone. A genuine friend, at that. They help build the team. In the sincerest manner. They’re valuable to your company because they’re a strong pillar in the relationships inside the office. You can count on them, making the new hires welcome, helping resolve conflicts between team members, and offering emotional support for the toughest of times. These types of employees are motivated most when they’re consulted and involved, especially in community gathering events. Ask them about ideas for icebreakers for your town hall meetings or fun activities after work. They’d also appreciate corporate incentive trips, as these are opportunities for them to further interact with people.

The Right Motivation

Remember, a motivation that hits your employees’ personalities and interests is important in keeping them productive. Make every effort then to know each person on your team, so you’ll learn what exactly makes them tick.

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