The Steps to Take After Being Arrested

Nobody ever expects to be arrested, but it’s always a possibility. What you need to know is that your actions immediately following your arrest can have significant reverberations on the result of your case. Even if you don’t think you or anyone you know will ever get arrested, it doesn’t hurt to be knowledgeable about what to do in the event that it happens. Here are the key steps you need to take to protect yourself and your rights:

Keep calm and listen intently

Getting arrested can be an extremely stressful and terrifying experience, but it’s important that you try to stay calm and listen to whatever you’re being told. Just because you’ve been apprehended doesn’t mean you’re going to be immediately found guilty. There’s still a chance for you to get out once bail has been set for you. Posting bonds can get you released within an hour or two.

Be polite and attentive

Be polite towards the arresting officers. Any attempt to flee and any signs of aggression will only work against you. As much as possible, try to take note of their badge numbers and patrol car numbers, just in case.

Keep quiet

Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, it’s imperative that you do not try to explain the situation to the police. Exercise your right to remain silent and avoid answering questions that are posed to you except when the police ask if you would like to speak to your legal representation. Keeping quiet until you get to speak to your lawyer is the best way to keep yourself safe.

Assert your right to legal representation

You have a constitutional right to be legally represented in these circumstances. When the police ask if you would like to speak to your lawyer, ask for one immediately. Only provide details of your case to your attorney alone and nobody else.

Coordinate with your lawyer

Provide as many details as you can to your lawyer. Being forthright and open when communicating with your legal representation can help them form the best possible plan of action to pursue. This increases your likelihood of getting favorable results.

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Gather evidence and build your case

Recall important details about the situation. If you’ve been injured, don’t forget to take pictures and document as many things as you can. When you’re able to, write down as many details as you can remember. For example, what you were doing before or during your arrest, if you were informed of your Miranda rights, and what the arresting officer did throughout the interaction. All of this information will help your lawyer build a strong case for you.

Remember important dates

There are plenty of important dates and deadlines for you to remember. Missing out on these will not bode well for your case. The first thing to take note of would be the date of your arraignment or your initial hearing. This will happen more or less a couple of days after your arrest.

Listen to your lawyer

As mentioned, whatever happens following your arrest is crucial to the outcome of your case. If you want to achieve the best possible outcome, you’ll need to listen to everything your lawyer says and heed their instructions to avoid complicating matters.

Although it may be difficult, it’s important to keep a cool head in the event that you or someone you know gets arrested. Keep these things in mind, stay calm, and trust that your lawyer will do everything they can to get you out.

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