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Many people dream of becoming a layer but it is not meant for everyone. It is very difficult to become a lawyer since law schools are extremely competitive and it is not easy to gain acceptance in them. Furthermore, aspiring lawyers will also have to pass the LSAT which allows them to practice law in America.

Although, law schools do not expect people to know what type of law they want to practice before they start their bachelor’s degree. However, learning about different fields of law practices before you apply to a certain law school is not a bad idea.

Here is a list of different fields of law:

  1. Maritime law

Maritime law is also known as admiralty law. It is a kind of law that manages property disputes as well as economic transactions that involve marine trade, navigation, sailors. People often tend to confuse admiralty law with international law. They both are quite different. One involves trade related to marine while the other one involves the rights of coastal waters, navigation, and minerals jurisdiction.

  1. Bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy law is a type of law that refers to the financial insolvency of certain people and businesses. This type of law helps people seek relief from almost every debt they have by announcing bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy law falls under the domain of federal law, it is still majorly influenced by state laws. Furthermore, to practice in this type of law, expertise in the U.S code governing insolvency is quite essential

  1. Corporate law

client and lawyer

Corporate law is also known as business law. It is a kind of law that is majorly involved in, just like the name suggests, every legal aspect of the business including how it was formed and how will it be dissolved. The lawyers who practice in this kind of law have to deal with:

  • Mergers between two businesses
  • Internal reorganization
  • Acquisitions between two businesses
  • Patents
  • And international accords between two businesses
  1. Civil rights law

The main purpose of civil rights law is to balance certain interests between the government and the public. Just like the name suggests, this kind of law mainly focuses on the rights of the public. Lawyers practicing this kind of law may or will experience working on cases that may involve discrimination and practices that violate the basic rights and liberties including employment, educations, and most importantly, expression.

  1. Criminal law


Another field of law that fascinates a lot of people is criminal law. Lawyers who practice this type of law earn around 80,000 dollars annually, which is comparatively much higher than the other types of lawyers. This type of law mainly focuses on the psychological behavior of criminals. There are two types of lawyers who practice this type of law, Prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers. Although both of the lawyers have to deal with issues such as basic rights, responsibilities, and liberty of individuals, prosecutors have to sanction criminal behavior while a defense lawyer has to defend his client who is accused of criminal activity.

Furthermore, criminal law has 4 goals that must be achieved by sanctioning criminal behavior:

  • Retribution
  • Rehabilitation
  • Deterrence
  • And incapacitation

Not only that but this kind of law also focuses on the basic rights, such as bail bonds, of people who are accused of certain criminal activity and the rights of people who are found guilty. A bail bond is an agreement between the court and the criminal defendant to either appear for trial or pay the bail that is set by the court.

  1. International law

This kind of law is divided into two sectors, public and private. In the first one, it is quite essential for the lawyers who are practicing in this sector to be familiar with public international or comparative law as it can help them to practice law effectively. In the latter, there are professionals in international law that work in trade divisions of certain multinational businesses.

Knowledge in intellectual property and corporate law is quite essential in this sector. International law helps different countries understand the difference between civil and common law systems. Not only that but it also helps them cooperate.

As the international law association says, “peace and justice through law.”

Becoming a lawyer is not easy. You will face many difficulties and problems along your journey but it is very important to have a strong mind and heart and never give up on your dream. It is advisable to consult with a professional or your teacher to help you find your path.

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