Using Trends to Make Millennial Employees Happy

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There is no more denying that millennials are your priorities when hiring nowadays. They are at their prime, which means if they stay with your company, they will have plenty of years to serve in loyalty. They also come with all the trappings of a generation that grew up with the internet, making them naturally savvy and yearning for constant improvements.

However, many companies still fail to consider the state of their office and how millennials will react to it. Thankfully, you have trends to help you come up with changes that will hopefully keep young blood in.

Versatile and Ergonomic Seating

Employees spend the majority of their day in the office. If they have to spend those hours on uncomfortable desks, it will be the beginning of endless complaints. You may think it is just a chair, but it really is more than that.

The implication is that you do not care about employee comfort and health. Besides, uncomfortable seating options also affect their mood when doing their job, and therefore it is a blow to the whole company’s productivity.

The answer is simple enough and comes in the form of trendy sit stand desk in your Melbourne office. Any office can benefit from these desks, which allow employees to make adjustments depending on their working preferences.

Free Lunch

When millennials look for jobs, they are not just considering the amount you are willing to pay them for their services monthly. They also look at all the inclusions and benefits of choosing your company. Some companies throw in a gym membership with their job offer, while others allow employees to study while working.

Really, offering catered lunch at least once a week is one of the most cost-effective ways of reeling millennials in. This also benefits the workplace by fostering camaraderie and giving employees an opportunity to bond over food. If you’re feeling especially generous, offer breakfast too or make catered lunches a daily thing.

Free Time for Ideas

Young employees

You are hiring millennials for what they can do for your company, but this does not mean they only want to follow the system you already have in place. Millennials are movers and they are teeming with ideas to improve the workplace.

It benefits them, of course, but it also benefits your company to let them spread their wings. Give them the downtime to finetune their ideas and help them turn these into actionable items. Before you know it, your company has already turned into a conducive place for millennials thanks to the contribution of millennials themselves.

It may be hard to let go of full control over everything, but consider all the ideas you are also letting go if you do not give your employees a chance. Ignore their suggestions for improvements and you might just risk losing them to your competition.

And those companies might be more receptive to the ideas they have, which leaves you and your older ideas behind to bite the dust.

A company does not need to be pointlessly trendy to thrive. However, if you want to find and keep the best millennial employees, it pays to do some timely improvements here and there.

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